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Didactics & Tools for UNC University

Advising the Instituto Gulich, an academic institution under the National University of Córdoba, I did instructional design work
and strategic consulting to improve eLearning for various courses hosted on the LMS...

Medical Training with Córdoba Clinic

The Córdoba Clinic Hospital Transito is updating their medical training with a Learning Management System. In order to keep medical information available...

LMS for German School Ballester

In a recent public-private partnership I was able to work together with the Deutsche Schule Ballester, one of the biggest private German schools in Argentina...

Vocational Training with General Motors

Developing into the model company for dual vocational training in Colombia, General Motors is ever improving its training processes. Since my consulting for the company started in 2014, over 300 apprentices...

International Cooperation with Swisscontact and SENA

Working with Swisscontact, I was able to advance two projects in safe, healthy and sustainable construction (Construya) and adaptation of the Dual Vocational Training System for Colombia (Formación Dual)...

NICE Network with University of Heidelberg

My project work within the Department of Educational Science of the University of Heidelberg saw the development of NICE, a Network for Innovation in Career Guidance and Counselling in Europe...

Science on Education and eLearning

ELearning and its implications for our modern education systems are a vast field of research, and we are only just starting to see the tip of the iceberg. Distance learning, digitalized vocational training, blended learning for universities and companies:  internet based education technologies can be transformative and stunning.

At the same time we cannot simply sit back and let technology unfold, digital learning solutions do not make the experience better per se. We need to center new pedagogic and didactic strategies on learners needs and keep in mind the social challenges that come with learning on screens.

@DUCA is constantly researching papers and publications to make sure all digital services are in sync with the latest scientific evidence. The most interesting findings and discussions are shared on our social media!