In a recent public-private partnership I was able to work together with the Deutsche Schule Ballester, one of the biggest private German schools in Argentina. The school counts with its own center for vocational training, named BerufsBildungsZentrum (BBZ). Thanks to the engagement of Agaton Nachtigall and Ulrich Lohrbach, heads of their respective institution, we were able to create immersive eLearning modules to prepare apprentices for their important final exams and implement a modern Learning Management System for both teachers and students.

One of the best things working in eLearning and education is the quick results I get to see. During one of my visits to the school I was able to participate in a class given on economics and human resources. Working with the class and listening to the direct positive feedback from those young people on the digital content I delivered was amazing! As the project was so well-received by staff and learners, the expansion of collaboration with German schools in Argentina is bound to be successful in the future.  

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