The Hospital Transito in córdoba is updating their medical training with a Learning Management System. The Covid-19 pandemic requiered adjustments in the way docotors prepare procedures and cooperate when updating guidelines. In order to keep patients and staff safe before, during and after procedures, infomation about ergonomic standards, checklists and protocols and physical and mental pressures was organized and worked into the LMS. @DUCA provided the concept and consulting for a succesful implementation.  To meet the goals of the project, we set up the Learning Management System together and organized a workshop introducing the system to staff and students.


A main task often lies in replacing outdated data and guidelines quickly and allowing personal to access relevant information, especially during the pandemic. In córdoba, I also recommended focusing on auto-didactic eLearning contents to allow doctors to assess themselves and double check all the important details when preparing treatment. This way the clinic combines risk management with further medical training and helps its staff to update their knowledge on important procedures. For future cooperation, the system is to be amplified, so more medical staff can benefit from the advantages of digital training in the córdoba province.