My project work within the Department of Educational Science of the University of Heidelberg saw the development of NICE, a Network for Innovation in Career Guidance and Counseling in Europe. As of the NICE Memorandum of 2015, the goals of the Network are to

  • Promote excellence and innovation in academic, research-based training of career practitioners in Europe
  • Support the coordination of academic training in CGC within Europe
  • Foster cooperation between the academic community and relevant stakeholders.

As a research assistant and expert for digital management of survey data, I was able to see the network “growing up” and morphing into what it is today. Our team at the Educational Science Department collected data about structures and content of European study courses to lay the groundwork of the following cooperation and initiatives. Until today, more than 20 universities and higher education institutions participate in the network and interchange experiences and knowledge to further improve career counseling and excellence in the academic field.  

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