Universities and schools today are faced with the challenge to modernize their educational offer and keep learning social at the same time. The high grade of individual screen time that comes with many digital technologies can be both a bliss and a curse for learners and their experience in the virtual environment.

@DUCA provides pedagogically sound solutions for your educational institution. Analyzing infrastructure, existing digital resources and teacher skills are important steps to help you find the best digital strategy for your specific educational context.

The most important principles that make a good digital strategy in educational environments are:

  • Social context: eLearning is most effective through collaboration and interaction with others
  • Usability: digital tools must be intuitive to use in different learning scenarios
  • Time saving: use technology to save time for important real-life tasks
  • Staff training: the best technology is only as good as your staff is trained to use it.

@DUCA offers consulting on how to establish these principles within your institution and make your education safe for the future!

We want to reach our students and reduce workload for our staff!