Digital Vocational Training

Most providers of eLearning systems for Vocational Training focus merely on administrative processes within the educational institution or company.

@DUCA steps in and offers consulting for the very heart of your training: the practical tasks within the working environment. Analyzing your skills and employability needs and providing a tailored digital solution, @DUCA  helps you to achieve the quality and training results you need! This generally implies working on ICT skills and infrastructure, so you can build true communication and learning routines between apprentices and trainers.

Since digital learning structures and contents can be delivered, again and again, there is no limit to scale or reutilize them in company or training center environments. For example, you can create video training designed for your apprentices and use it for further education of long-term employees, sell them as instructional material to clients or facilitate the transition of employees from one department to another.

As a company, when you invest in the training of apprentices, you have a legitimate interest in their performance. A good eLearning solution comes with the highest transparency standards allowing you to make well-founded decisions on possible future staff – a huge advantage for your HR team when monitoring training progress.

In short, a good eLearning solution for Vocational Training is:

  • Focused on the companies necessities and daily work processes
  • Supported by realistic eLearning content to prepare for important job duties
  • Making performance of your future employees more transparent
  • Facilitating communication between staff and educational institutions
  • Multi-functional to allow reusing digital content.

We want to improve our vocational training with digital strategies!