Digital Workshops

Whether public or private sector: eLearning is becoming more important in politics and international cooperation. The world is becoming more connected and technology and changing laws challenge governments and private companies to keep pace when providing information and training.

@DUCA helps you to create your Digital Workshop, allowing learning across borders and time zones. You can easily multiply your knowledge and make it accessible to people in remote areas. If you need your staff to prepare a topic for the workshop, you might decide to develop a Web Based Training, a video series or even a short eLearning course. No matter what your format is, @DUCA will guide you through the process and help you take on the tough decisions. With digital workshops, there is no need to send costly experts to your international offices anymore.

For government institutions and organizations working in international cooperation, modern eLearning technology can cover a variety of areas:

  • climate protection and disaster risk management
  • vocational training
  • sustainable construction and urban development
  • monitoring and evaluation of projects…

and much more!

We want to multiply knowledge digitally in or outside our organization!