Virtual on the job

ELearning has played a vital role in further education for a long time. The benefits for private companies are easy to see: independence of time and space, less spending on skills training and more transparency throughout the training process. Nowadays, eLearning technology allows for modular skill updates and smooth transitions of workforce within and between company departments.

@DUCA helps you to achieve your training goals. Need to update your sales employees on a new product line? Retrain a group to blend into their new department? Have them learn a new piece of software? All can be done with Virtual On-The-Job Training. @DUCA works with your experts to transfer their knowledge the modern way and make sure your employees can focus on what really matters: making your clients happy!

If you need to train your staff you should keep these principles for Virtual On-The-Job Training in mind:

  • relevance: the content you provide must be related and applicable to job duties for the training to be successful
  • social context: factor in the dynamic within your team to boost learning success
  • communication: allow your employees to contribute ideas for the training content and give feedback after a course
  • enjoyability: if your training content is not appealing, your employees will not benefit from it – invest in an interesting concept!