Developing into the model company for dual vocational training in Colombia, General Motors is ever improving its training processes. Since my consulting for the company started in 2014, various generations of apprentices have graduated under the german-swiss dual model, providing qualified workers for the company and steady incomes for many families in the city of Bogotá.

One of the main tasks working with the company was the creation of new profiles specifically designed to fit the demand on the local production site in the south of Bogotá. Four different profiles have been developed: car body construction, car body painting, welding and general assembly. The curricula and structure of the profiles were negotiated with the State Service for Vocational Training (SENA). I was able to provide monitoring and critical feedback all the way through the development and guide the decision makers on both sides towards successful implementation.

As of today, General Motors keeps to the high standards it has developed over the years and is integrating digital training modules into its vocational training to further modernize and improve its training and work standards.  

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