The UTN University and the technical Siemens School in Buenos Aires are launching a Virtual Training Program together with Siemens to improve employability of their students and help them prepare for the labor market. @DUCA does the scientific investigation and consulting to create necessary infrastructure between Siemens, the technical school and its parent organization, the Technical National University (UTN).

In the currently difficult economic situation, creating a link to a company and entering the labor market is a tough task for many young Argentinians. After graduating, many stay unemployed for long periods of time and have to retrain before finding access to a company willing to take them in. Based on the specific needs of the University and its connected companies in South America, digital contents are created to prepare the students for their internships and positions.

The goal is to permanently connect educational institutions with company staff, helping to balance the demand and supply of trained professionals. In a legal context that does not allow underage students to learn within a private company, this project might turn out an effective model to meet the human resources needs of the private sector in Argentina.